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Why Train Like a Welded Athlete?

What you can expect from the training. Our blocks of training are structured to be two hours long as one session. From our experience, this is the optimal amount of training before you start to get lethargic and your intensity goes out the window. You will still make solid gains in this amount of time and it is a realistic training schedule as well. To better yourself in the fitness realm, you have to be strong, you have to be conditioned, you have to skilled, and you have to be flexible. We take a systematic approach through out the year to help build all facets of fitness simultaneously. You should be able to perform at your best at any given time without needing weeks or months to prepare. We believe that you should always be ready to perform at your potential. With that said, training should be hard work and we believe that our bodies were meant to work hard. We can guarantee your hard work and dedication will take you to new heights in your fitness when you join the team.